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Use of Personal Data

Collection of Personal Data and other user information

The company "Mircond" will collect mandatory personal data only in cases when it is necessary to maintain the health of one or more of requested functions or features, or to provide you with access to our products and services; We will only collect information through legitimate and transparent ways. Mandatory data entry window on the Site are marked with the icon * or similar. In addition, the company "Mirkond" can offer you specify the optional information in order to expand the range of customer information, or for direct marketing purposes or to inform you of special offers. This kind of additional information you can specify optional.

During or prior to data collection, we will take care that you know which unit of "Mirkond" collects personal data and for what purposes they needed us.

For each user of the Site web-servers of "Mirkond" automatically detects and stores information that is usually not included in the personal data - for example, IP-address and domain name. On the basis of user information is automatically determined by the set of partitions to which it refers more often; This allows, for example, improve the usability of our website. Your system automatically provides information about the user when entering the site, except for those cases where the transfer function of such information disabled using browser settings. When you visit our Website, we may use files "cookies", located in your system and contain some information about users. This allows us to take into account the interface and sections of the site according to your preferences, or provide automatic registration on site service. Most browsers allow you to erase files "cookies", located on the hard drive, prohibit the creation of such files or to notify you before saving the file. However, if the application files "cookies" is prohibited, or you delete them from your hard drive, the ability to work with settings and preferences, as well as the possibility of setting personal interface can be greatly limited. Additional information on these functions, refer to the documentation for the web-browser.

Use and provision of personal data

Dealing with personal data provided to us on the Site, conducted in compliance with the elaborate and clear rules. Without limiting the foregoing we will use and discover personal data in order to provide additional features and functionality that you get access to our products and services on request, as well as for the purposes specified in the relevant section. The company "Mirkond" may use obtained through the Site Personal data together with other information received from customers or from other sources, in order to optimize the Site, features and capabilities of products, services and offers for you.

Removing and Updating Personal Information

In the event that personal data is not used for the purposes described above in the section "Use and provision of personal data", the company agrees to take reasonable steps to remove or depersonalization of clients' personal data after a certain period of time. If the user provides the company "World air conditioners" their personal data, he may, by prior written justification to inspect, make changes or corrections, as well as to remove these personal data. However, the Company reserves the right, in accordance with applicable law to change the set a reasonable fee for a change in the company's outstanding Personal Data. Information on how you can send a justification for review, modification, deletion of personal data and on the amendment, provided when placing the data; If this information was not provided when placing data, it can be obtained on request.

Transfer of Personal Data

The data contained on the Site may be transferred to other persons or organizations only for the purposes described above in the section "Use and transfer of personal data" in transit data transfer, either: a) with the consent of the user; b) at the request of a court or law enforcement officials; c) the persons or entities with whom the company "World air conditioners" has arrangements to conduct internal business operations or operations to the Site, and d) the data are protected by law, binding agreement or contract regulating the work and provide an adequate level of protection personal data.


The Company undertakes to take reasonable steps to collect from you accurate, complete and current personal information. Nevertheless, this is your responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and relevance of the Personal Data provided. If you later determine that you provide personal data are inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, you can, in writing, notify the company and we will take reasonable steps to amend the Personal Information.


Despite the fact that the company "Aircondworld" can not provide hard guarantees to protect data from unauthorized access, users can be assured of their reliable protection based on relevant technologies and internal procedures.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the placement of the personal data we used, or strategies, you can contact us by e-mail address given in the contact information.