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How to become a dealer

  • Fill out an application with information about your company or entrepreneurs (FLP):
  • Receive and process your request, we vnesёm your contact list, and you will contact manager
  • If all the conditions of cooperation have been understood and accepted, signed a dealership agreement with the right to trade on a certain territory, with the obligation to support the current pricing policies of the Supplier
  • The above steps 1-3 must be met for new customers who want to collaborate on a dealer on the territory of Ukraine in the specific area (areas), and specializes in systems sales of household appliances and climate, including such groups of goods as consumer technics, Window / mobile air conditioner, multi-split systems, Semi-industrial (commercial) air conditioner

If you meet the above requirements, you can download the file on the current page. The file contains a form that must fill out and send to the address: