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How to get the status of authorized service center

  • Fill out an application with information about your company or entrepreneurs (FLP), a form is attached:
    If you are interested in signing the service contract for all (or part) types of our products, please fill in the brief information about your organization to assess the level of equipment of and qualification of your staff, to go with us to communicate and agree on specific rates for repair work, as well as be ready to accept the obligations and standards in order for their implementation, to ensure timely and decent pay.
  • Send it through the company's website "Mirkond" for consideration of the application
  • Receive and process your request, we vnesёm your contact list, and you will contact manager, responsible for working with service centers

If all the terms of cooperation you will be understood and accepted, you will sign an agency contract service center, with the right to carry out repairs and maintenance of goods (air conditioners) of our brands in the certain territory, with the obligation to support the existing tariff and of reporting requirements and agreements from suppliers. The company "Mirkond" reserves the right to make authorization decisions, the decision on signing the contract.